Pure Bliss

About Me

How I got here.

I think you can say with out a shadow of a doubt I am mad about animals, I love them all and have quite a few in various shapes and sizes but the love of my life has to be my horses,

On leaving school (a good few years ago now) I went to Newark technical collage were I qualified as a BHSAI. I then through a twist of fate started working in the Thoroughbred industry on stud farms, sales preparation, foaling, breaking and schooling, stallion duties etc. only leaving to start a family of my own, then came the pony's for the kids, as they slowly lost interest I found myself dabbling with the odd riding horse, then I did a spell of driving and breaking to drive, it was in 1999 while living at an old manor house, I found in the garden a very small horse shoe, to small to be for a Shetland, and that is how I discovered Miniature horses and more important to me Falabellas      

The  forming of Starlite

How Starlite got to here

So by early 2000 all my research had been done, I set off to find the best I could, with the advice “it costs the same to feed a good horse as a bad one” I managed to get my first two Falabellas and an American miniature, all imported from there respected countries.

Falabella Yabito is my boy his lovely spots are every little girls dream, well they were mine, that and a palomino and I hit the jackpot with Falabella Claretta and Tbar K’s Lily my little chestnut American. After several years of breeding with my little herd, I decided that I would concentrate on Falabellas so I let Lilly go it a lovely new home and imported some Falabellas my self from the Falabella ranch, between 2003 and 2005 I imported 14 lovely Falabellas. Over the years I have sold half of them, which is always very sad for me as they are all such great characters as is selling my babies but you can’t keep them all.

I have now started to produce horses from horses that I have bred and l have also started taking my babies to a few shows, this has been great fun and this year there will be a small but growing band of people showing Starlite Falabellas

Were to next

Starlite in the future

Who really knows what the future holds but I would very much hope that Starlite Falabellas can carry on going from strength to strength

I am enjoying going to local shows and hope to retain more of my babies so I can produce the next generation

The one thing that I will still endeavour to do is to continue to offer help and advice to anyone who asks for it, I pride myself in the fact that I am a hobby breeder, so unlike the big breeders that need to sell there horses and promote there names, I am not under this pressure, so you can be happy in the knowledge that you can look and ask all the questions that you like with out the hard sell or a bias attitude


Falabella Yabito

Falabella Claretta with RG starlite Sea of Tranquillity