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I specialise in breeding pure ACCF registered Falabellas. The ACCF is the register created by the Falabella family for the horses that bear their name, this is the crème de la crème of the Falabella registers, my horses are also registered with the British Falabella Studbook and  recently the European Falabella studbook both the British and the European studbooks require the horse to be DNA tested.

I think I can safely say that I am the only person in the UK to breed and sell ACCF registered horses, so if you are a purest like myself then welcome   

Falabella History

There are many stories about the origin of this lovely breed of miniature horses, but the one thing that is a fact is that they were and still are bred by the Falabella family in Argentina and to be able to be called a Falabella and not a miniature horse they must be able to trace there pedigree back to the Falabella ranch in Argentina.

The Falabella was first imported to the UK in the early 1970s and sadly due to there rarity much out crossing was done, Called the modern Falabella by some  these horses have done well in the show ring and are very lovely miniature horses but they are not Falabellas

Stock For Sale

RG Starlite Blue moon

Falabella Menelek an early Falabella import

Whats a prefix

A prefix is the name of the stud that the horse was bred at

All horses bred by myself are Starlite All horses that come directly from the Falabella Ranch have the prefix Falabella

If a horse has been registered on the ACCF it will have the letters RG before the prefix

stock for sale